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Mon Aug 16 09:47:27 CDT 1999

Post Doctoral Position
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Condensed Matter and Thermal Physics Group
Sponsors: Wei Bao and Robert Heffner

A postdoctoral position in solid state physics is available at Los Alamos 
beginning immediately (July 1999).  The position involves the study of 
novel magnetic, superconducting and metal-insulator transitions in a variety

of new materials.  The primary tool of investigation is neutron scattering, 
with a secondary emphasis on muon spin relaxation.  The systems under
investigation include transition metal oxides exhibiting novel phase 
transitions, high-temperature superconductors, heavy fermion and non-Fermi 
liquid compounds, particularly near a quantum critical point.   

We are searching for a person with a strong background in condensed matter 
physics.  Previous experience in neutron scattering and/or magnetic
as well as a willingness to spend some time developing and using novel
environment capabilities (pressure and high magnetic fields), is very
Ability to work creatively and independently, but within a team environment,

is also important.  The neutron scattering will be carried out at Los
but also at other domestic and international sources, as appropriate.
the work involves collaborations with several outstanding institutions
LANL and will be carried out in close collaboration with the Los Alamos 
condensed matter materials'synthesis and theory groups, the job offers 
excellent opportunities for professional growth. 

Los Alamos provides a very stimulating atmosphere in an active and 
collaborative group of solid state experimentalists and theorists.  The 
position is normally for a minimum of two years, renewable for a third year.

U. S. citizenship is not required.

If interested please contact:

Wei Bao 			or	Robert H. Heffner
LANL  MST-10   MS K764			LANL  MST-10   MS K764
Los Alamos, N.M. 87545 USA 		Los Alamos, N.M. 87545 USA
PH. (505) 667-0753			PH. (505) 667-0397
FAX (505) 665-7652			FAX (505) 665-7652
EMAIL: wbao at lanl.gov			heffner at mst.lanl.gov

and follow instruction at web link


to send the application.

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