Looking for data on Rb2MnF4

Tommaso Roscilde roscilde at fi.infn.it
Wed Aug 18 20:18:29 CDT 1999

 Dear members,

  I am desperately looking for neutron scattering data (or data of other
sources) concerning the thermodynamic properties of the antiferromagnet
Rb2MnF4, i.e. concerning the staggered magnetization and the specific
heat. The aim of my research is to collect material for my graduation
thesis about thermodynamic properties of Ising-like antiferromagnets, and
in the whole literature I had the fortune to read I could not find any
satisfactory set of data about the thermodinamic properties of this
material, except for the correlation length.
 Thank you for your collaboration.

                         Tommaso Roscilde
                         Department of Physics, University of Florence
                         L.go Fermi 2, Florence
                         E-mail: roscilde at fi.infn.it

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