Dave Cox Symposium, Friday 17 Dec., Brookhaven NL.

Alan Hewat hewat at ill.fr
Thu Oct 7 15:25:48 CDT 1999

Posted by Alan Hewat on behalf of John Parise & Steve Shapiro.

October 2, 1999

Dear Colleague,

Dave Cox is retiring from Brookhaven National Laboratory at the end of this
year after a long and distinguished career using neutrons and x-rays to
probe the structure of solids.  We invite you to join us in honoring Dave
for his many contributions to the crystallographic community, to Brookhaven
and to DOE.

We are hosting a symposium in his honor at Brookhaven on: 
Friday afternoon, December 17, 1999 in the Physics Department Seminar Room.  
Speakers who have already accepted to talk about Dave's career are: 
Tony Cheetham (UCSB), 
Larry Finger (Carnegie Institute) 
Art Sleight (Oregon State University).  

Following the symposium, there will be a reception and dinner at Berkner
Hall that will feature more talks about 'other' aspects of Dave's life.

Please complete the attached form indicating your interest in attending.  A
second mailing will be made with more details.  Also kindly give a copy to
any of your colleagues who might be interested in attending.

We look forward to your celebrating Dave's accomplishment with us in December


S. M. Shapiro                            J. B Parise
Associate Chair, Physics Dept.           Professor
Brookhaven National Laboratory           Geoscience Department
                                         SUNY-Stony Brook

Friday, December 17, 1999

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