Postdoc position: Research on the dynamical structure of biological macromolecules

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Fri Oct 15 10:23:20 CDT 1999

The Hahn-Meitner-Institut invites applications for a post-doctoral 
position in the area of the structure of condensed matter.

The Hahn-Meitner-Institute is a German National Laboratory and a 
member of the Hermann von Helmholtz Association of National Research 
Centres and has about 850 employees. It hosts the Berlin Neutron 
Scattering Centre (BENSC) (, a user facility 
open to scientists from all over the world. To probe the structure 
and dynamics of solids and liquids, BENSC provides scientists with 
state-of-the-art neutron scattering equipment. Successful candidates 
should be interested in experimental physics, collaborating with 
guest groups, and instrument development

                           	Postdoctoral position

		physicist, biophysicist, biochemist or chemist

		     (The position is tenable for 3 years)

Research on the dynamical structure of biological macromolecules

This position is open to post-doctoral candidates who are looking for 
an entry position in research. The responsibilities of the successful 
candidate will include studies of the static and dynamical structure 
of biological macromolecules membranes, proteins and enzymes) and its 
influence on the biological function of these molecules. Research 
methods employ neutron scattering techniques, especially wide-angle 
and small-angle time-of-flight spectroscopy. The successful candidate 
will also participate in experiments of user groups and support user 
groups, who carry out research at the time-of-flight spectrometer 
NEAT ( ) in many 
different areas of condensed matter research.

A broad knowledge and experience in the field of condensed matter, 
especially in physics, biophysics, biochemistry or physical chemistry 
as well as in spectroscopy or small angle scattering will be 
required. Experience with computer aided modelling and the 
programming of models will be advantageous.

For further details about the post contact Dr. R.E. Lechner 
(+49(30)8062-2780, e-mail: lechner at Applicants should send a 
letter of application, CV and a list of publications. To Dr. R.E. 
Lechner, Hahn-Meitner-Institut, Abt. NI, Glienicker Str. 100, D-14109 
Berlin before 31 Oct., 1999.


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