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Spallation Neutron Source Project
Postdoctoral Positions

The Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) Project invites applications for
Postdoctoral Positions in the Neutron Scattering Group at Oak Ridge National
Laboratory (ORNL) and Argonne National Laboratory (ANL). SNS is a
next-generation 2-MW neutron source dedicated to materials science, and is a
collaborative project involving five DOE laboratories (Argonne, Brookhaven,
Los Alamos, Lawrence Berkeley, and Oak Ridge). When completed in 2005, the
SNS will produce the most powerful pulsed neutron beams in the world for
neutron scattering R&D.

Openings are available to work in close collaboration with SNS instrument
scientists on research projects in each of the following fields:

·	dynamics of molecules in novel geometries such as thin absorbed
films, porous media, micelles, and biological gels 
·	magnetic thin films and polarized X-ray/neutron beam applications 
·	development of measurement technology for study of deformation in
crystalline solids and analysis of residual stress in engineering materials 
·	neutron and polarized neutron application in structural biology and
structure/function relationship of biomolecules 
·	development of neutron optical components (spin flippers, beam
benders, polarizers, etc.) and optical components test station 
·	neutron source development

Successful candidates will have a recently finished Ph.D. in a
materials-related discipline. Excellent candidates from other fields are
also encouraged to apply. Depending on the research field, positions are
available at ORNL (Oak Ridge, Tennessee) as well as at ANL (Chicago,
Illinois).  Appointments are offered through the ORNL Postdoctoral Research
Associates Program which is jointly administered by ORNL's Office of
University and Science Education and the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and
Education.  Qualified candidates should submit a resume (preferably via
email) to the following:

P. H. Miller
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Spallation Neutron Source Project
104 Union Valley Rd., SNS Building, Dept. MRS-PD
Oak Ridge, TN 37831
email: millerph at

ORNL, a multipurpose research facility managed by Lockheed Martin Energy
Research Corporation for the U.S. Department of Energy, is an equal
opportunity employer
 committed to building and maintaining a diverse workforce.

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