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The International Workshop "Polarized Neutrons for Condensed Matter
Investigations" (PNCMI-2000), will be held in Gatchina, St.Petersburg on
June 20-25, 2000.

The Workshop follows "The International Seminar PNCMI'96" in Dubna (Russia)
and "The International Workshop PNCMI'98" in Grenoble, while the first
meeting "The International Conference on the Impact of Polarized Neutrons on
Solid State Chemistry and Physics", has been held in Grenoble (France) as
early as in 1982.

Tentative list of subjects:

Atomic magnetic densities
Neutron depolarization in magnetic systems
Nuclear spin order
Paramagnetic scattering
Polarized neutron reflectometry
New methods: coherence, neutron interferometry, neutron spin-echo, neutron
Magnetic structures
Coherent / incoherent scattering separation
Proton polarization & contrast
Magnetic short range order & fluctuations
Nuclear / magnetic pair correlation functions
Techniques: monochromators, super-mirrors, neutron spin filters,
polarimeters, dynamical nuclear polarization

The proceedings will be published as a special issue of the Journal Physica
B: Condensed Matter.


Preliminary registration  December 25, 1999
Abstracts  January 10,  2000
Notification of authors about the acceptance   February  10,  2000
Invited papers & contributions  April  01,  2000

Please visit the WEB site below for more details and to register:


International Organizing Committee.

For the Calendar of Conferences:

June 20-25, 2000, Gatchina, St.Petersburg, Russia.
International Workshop "Polarized Neutrons for Condensed Matter
Investigations" (PNCMI-2000). Organized by St. Petersburg Nuclear Physics
Institute (Gatchina), Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna), Russian
Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute" (Moscow). Contact: Organizing
Committee PNCMI-2000, Condensed Matter Department, Petersburg Nuclear
Physics Institute, 188350, Gatchina, Russia.  Phone: +7(81271)46023
(Chairman), +7(81271)46409 (Secretariat), Fax: +7(81271)39023. E-MAIL:
pncmi at dbserv.pnpi.spb.ru . URL: http://www.pnpi.spb.ru/nrd/pncmi/pncmi.htm

On the behalf of the International Organizing Committee,

Dr. Alexandre Ioffe

Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Missouri-Columbia  and
National Institute of Standards & Technology,

Tel.   (301)975-5143
FAX  (301)926-1604
E-mail: ioffe at nist.gov

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