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The December 84 Run

Neutrons were first produced at 19:16 hrs on Sunday December 16, 1984.
Following this, 2.5x1011 protons per pulse at 1 Hz were run into the target
for a period of 3 hours. The neutronic properties of the final
target-moderator-reflector system were measured. The basic design and
performance of the system were as predicted.

Among the celebrants in the ISIS MCR were, on the right, RAL director Geoff
Manning, ISIS Division Head David Gray, and Neutron Division Head Alan

Available for the first time were:

*	Extracted proton beamline, 150 m in length with 65 magnets 

*	Uranium target cooled by static D2O 

*	2 ambient temperature moderators 

*	100K methane moderator 

*	25K liquid hydrogen moderator 

*	Beryllium reflectors cooled by static D2O 

*	6 neutron shutters open 

*	6 instruments operational: HRPD, LAD, LOQ, HET, TFXA, IRIS 

*	95 m neutron guide to High Resolution Powder Diffractometer, HRPD 

*	35 m neutron guide to High Resolution Inelastic Spectrometer, IRIS 

*	Data collection electronics and computer systems 

Following the successful production of neutrons at the first attempt in
December 1994 after years of planning and construction, ISIS began routine
operation in June 1985, with a sustained run for neutron scattering research
followed by machine and target station development and maintenance. From
that time, the intensity has steadily been increased and on shutdown at the
end of march 1986, ISIS reached 5x1012 protons per pulse at 550 MeV, with 50
pulses per second being delivered to the target (a mean current of 40uA).
This compares with the design performance of 50 pulses per second at 2.5 x
1013 protons per pulse. During running at 50 Hz, about 80% of the protons
injected at 70 MeV were accelerated to 550 MeV and directed to the target.

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