Post Graduate Opportunities to learn neutron techniques (EC and Associated states)

Keith Ross d.k.ross at
Thu Jan 17 22:13:55 CST 2002

Dear Neutron Scatterers,

We have Marie Curie Training Site funding to cover the costs of research
students from EC and Associated States to come to Salford to learn
research techniques in Materials Modelling, Characterisation and
Visualisation - for periods from 3 months to 1 year. . Training is
available in a variety of neutron scattering and other materials
characterisation techniques and in modelling the data using a variety of
techniques, including ab initio modelling and Monte Carlo simulations,
and in Virtual Reality ways of visualisint the data. Training in XRD,
electron microscopies and optical techniques also available.  For
details see the Marie Curie site <>  or on the
Institute of Materials web site at Salford <> 
E-mail me if you think we could help your research project.

Keith Ross

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