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From: Adroja, DT (Devashibhai) [mailto:D.T.Adroja at rl.ac.uk]
Dear Colleague,

ISIS Facility: Run Schedule

A note just to let you know the likely timing of ISIS running over the next
year or so, to help with the planning of beamtime applications.

The next ISIS Facility proposal deadline is 16th April 2002, and this will
Be for beamtime towards the end of 2002 and the start of 2003.

It is very likely that ISIS will then have another long shut-down between
Spring 2003 and Autumn 2003.  This means that proposals submitted in October
this year, the deadline after the one just coming, are unlikely to receive
beamtime until the second half of next year. It is therefore important to
Apply for time at the upcoming April 16 2002 deadline if you require
beamtime on chopper spectrometers (HET/MARI/MAPS) and also PRISMA before the
second half of next year.

As always, if there are any ways that members of the excitations group can
help with proposals, please do contact us ( for details: details 

Very best regards,

ISIS Excitations Group.
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