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ISIS Run Schedules - Clarification

The next deadline for ISIS proposals is 16th April 2002.  Experiments from
this round will be scheduled for the period November 2002 to Spring 2003.

The following deadline will be 16th October 2002 for experiments to be
scheduled in cycles 1 and 2 of 2003.  The cycle dates for 2003 have not yet
been finalised, but we will complete both cycles within the period May 2003
to December 2003.

The running schedule for 2003 will be arranged to allow the installation of
second harmonic RF cavities in the synchrotron and the installation of the
radio frequency quadrupole (RFQ) which will increase the ISIS proton current
to 300 micro-Amps.

During this period of development we are committed to delivering a full user

The ISIS schedule dates will be posted on the ISIS website

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