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1st PSI Summer School on Condensed Matter Research
10 - 17 Agust 2002, Lyceum Alpinum, Zuoz, Switzerland
The purpose of the Summer School is to give participants an introduction to
the basic principles of magnetism and magnetic materials. The lectures will
cover both, theoretical and experimental aspects, with particular emphasis
on the utilization of the prominent experimental techniques available at
PSI: neutrons, muons, and synchrotron light.
No previous knowledge of the subject is required, but an honours degree in
natural sciences (equivalent to diploma) is essential. The program of the
school will include exercises to deepen the accumulated knowledge as well as
poster and discussion sessions in which the participants can present their
own results in the field of magnetism and magnetic materials.
Organisation of the School:
W.E. Fischer (Chairman), A. Furrer, R. Bercher (Secretary)
Program Committee: 
W.E. Fischer, PSI Villigen 
A. Furrer, ETH Zürich and PSI Villigen 
L. Forrô, EPF Lausanne 
H.R. Ott, ETH Zürich 
T.M. Rice, ETH Zürich 
A. Schenck, ETH Zürich 
J.F. van der Veen, ETH Zürich and PSI Villigen 
F. Winkler, ETH Zürich and PSI Villigen 
Scientific Advisory Committee: 
M. Altarelli, Trieste 
P. Böni, München 
H. Keller, Zürich 
W.D. Schneider, EPF, Lausanne 
O. Fischer, Geneva
List of topics and invited lecturers: 
*	Introduction to magnetism 
	M. Kalvius, TU München 
*	Experimental methods I, neutron scattering 
	P. Böni, TU München 
*	Experimental methods II, synchrotron X-ray scattering 
	U. Staub, PSI Villigen
*	Experimental methods III, muon spin resonance 
	A. Yaouanc, CEA, Grenoble 
*	Low-dimensional systems 
	H.J. Mikeska, Univ. Hannover 
	R. Cowley, Univ. Oxford 
*	Strongly correlated systems 
	M. Siegrist, ETH Zürich 
	B. Keimer, MPI Stuttgart 
*	Metal / insulator transitions 
	S. Rosenkranz, Univ. Illinois, Chicago 
	P. Fulde, MPI Dresden 
*	Artificially structured materials 
	H. Zabel, Univ. Bochum 
	A. Bill, PSI Villigen
*	Molecular magnetism
	D. Gatteschi, Univ. Florence 
	S. Blundell, Univ. Oxford 
*	Applications 
	R. Allenspach, IBM Rüschlikon 
	Th. Strässle, ETH Zürich
Residential accommodation will be available at the Lyceum Alpinum in Zuoz
(costs: 750 Swiss Francs, including full board, banquet and Proceedings).
The number of participants will be limited to 120. The language of the
School is English. Closing date for applying is 30 June 2002. For further
information and application forms contact Renate Bercher, Paul Scherrer
Institut, CH 5232 Villigen PSI, Tel. +41 56 310 3402, Fax +41 56 310 3131,
email: Renate.BERCHER at PSI.CH <mailto:Renate.BERCHER at PSI.CH>,

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