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Wed May 8 11:50:56 CDT 2002

From: Bruno Guerard [mailto:guerard at ill.fr] 

Dear Colleagues,

We have recently commissioned a high resolution 2D He3 detector (called 
bidim26) for the D16 instrument, and we plan to fabricate 3 additional ones 
in the near future for the D19 instrument. The technical specifications of 
the bidim26 detector are as following :

type : MWPC (Multiwires Proportional Chamber)
active area : 256 mm x 256 mm
overall dimensions : 425 mm x 425 mm x 410 mm
spatial resolution (FWHM) : 2 mm x 2 mm
Absorption gap : 30 mm
Detection efficiency : 60% at 1 A and 90% at 3 A
Electronics : Individual readout (each cell is connected to an 
amplifier/discriminator circuit), + XY address encoding.
Low gamma sensitivity, high counting stability, and high counting rate.

In view of a fabrication by a company in limited series, we would like to 
know the potential market for this bidim26 detector. If you are interested, 
please send me an e-mail preferably before the end of June.
Thank you.

Best regards,
Bruno Guerard
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