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The Los Alamos Neutron Science Center is currently seeking a Deputy Group 
Leader for Science Programs at the Lujan Neutron Scattering Center.  This 
is a full-time career staff position with the University of California at 
the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The Deputy Group Leader for Science Programs will assist the Lujan Neutron 
Scattering Center (Lujan Center) Director in scientific leadership, program 
development, and administrative management of the Lujan Center. The Lujan 
Center is a high-power pulsed spallation neutron source with a mission to 
conduct materials science research in support of the Science-Based 
Stockpile Stewardship Program; to conduct basic and applied research in 
materials science, engineering, chemistry, biology, and condensed-matter 
physics; to develop advanced neutron scattering technology, spallation 
technology, and neutron instrumentation; and to support the National User 
Facility. A strategic objective of the Lujan Center is to grow our role in 
the materials science of national security research, including materials 
dynamics and thermodynamics, enhanced surveillance, manufacturing science 
to support Stewardship production around the DOE complex, and Homeland 
Defense. The Deputy Group Leader for Science Programs works closely with 
the Lujan Center Director and Deputy Group Leader for Operations, the 
Experimental Area Manager, and team leaders to ensure the highest 
scientific quality in Lujan Center activities. The Deputy Group Leader for 
Science Programs shares in the management of group research activities, 
including program development, maintenance, and execution, development and 
execution, performance and salary management, strategic and tactical 
planning, mentoring and motivation, training, hiring, promoting sound 
fiscal and personnel management, and presenting activities to sponsors and 
collaborators. Selected candidate will have the responsibility to lead at 
least one scientific project that overlaps with the strategic objectives of 
the Lujan Center in basic or defense science (such as nanoscience, 
soft-matter research, correlated electron systems, geomaterials, 
engineering materials response, or complex adaptive matter).

More information about the Lujan Center can be found at 

For a full position description and to submit an application, see 

For further information, contact Alan Hurd, Lujan Center Director, 
ajhurd at lanl.gov or 505-665-0630.

Audrey L. Archuleta, Group Leader
Communications & User Coordination
Los Alamos Neutron Science Center
Los Alamos, NM 87545 USA
505-665-1010(p) 505-667-8830(f)
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