[Neutron] 2 positions in polarised-neutron scattering at ANSTO, Sydney, Aus tralia

ROBINSON, Robert rro at ansto.gov.au
Fri Aug 9 20:31:19 CDT 2002

We currently have exciting opportunities for two scientists:
	(1) to operate the existing LONGPOL polarisation-analysis spectrometer at the HIFAR research
reactor at ANSTO, and 
	(2) to lead the team to design, procure, install and commission a polarisation analysis
instrument at Australia's Replacement Research Reactor, which is due for commissioning in 2005. 
Successful candidates will be expected to conduct a high-quality research program, in collaboration
with Australian universities, industry, other ANSTO stakeholders and overseas scientists. Possible
research areas include condensed-matter physics, magnetism, chemistry and materials science.  The
closing date for applications is 27 September 2002.
Successful candidates will need a Ph.D. in condensed-matter physics, chemistry, materials science or
a related area, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and demonstrated ability to work
both independently and in teams. Experience at, or using, major neutron-scattering or x-ray
synchrotron facilities will be an asset.
For more details on the positions see http://www.ansto.gov.au/info/vac/vac2002/v02047.html or
contact Rob Robinson at the address given below
For more details on neutron scattering at ANSTO, see http://www.ansto.gov.au/ansto/neut/

Robert A. Robinson
Physics Division, Building 58
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Menai                  tel:  +61-(2)-9717-9204
NSW 2234           FAX: +61-(2)-9717-3606
AUSTRALIA         e-mail:  rro at ansto.gov.au

Web sites:    http://www.ansto.gov.au/ansto/neut/


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