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Studsvik Neutron Research Laboratory (NFL)
EU funded Access to Research Infrastructures Programme

NFL is the Swedish centre for reactor based research using neutrons in
physics, chemistry and materials science. Under our Access to Research
Infrastructures contract a total of 105 days beam time is available per
year for users from EU countries and associated states, supporting the cost
of the beam time and travel and subsistence.

There are no deadlines for receipt of proposals. These are all dealt with
on an individual basis. Proposals are refereed by a panel of international
experts, mainly by E-mail/FAX. We recommend that you discuss your proposals
with NFL instrument scientists before submission. You are also given the
opportunity to make modifications, if necessary, on the basis of the
comments of the referee panel. Depending on the final results of the
refereeing process, and  confirmation from Brussels that you are eligible
for support under the programme, your experiment can then be scheduled. The
time between proposal and experiment can be as short as a few weeks. We
hope that this will make it easier for you to carry out your research

It is also possible to apply for training of new students, or training in
new techniques. In this case the proposal does not have to be linked to
a  specific experiment - in some cases it is more effective to use a
'model' experiment for training purposes.

Six instruments are scheduled:
REST         Diffractometer for residual stress and texture measurements
NPD           High resolution powder diffractometer
SLAD         Disordered materials diffractometer (liquids, glasses,
SXD           Single crystal diffractometer
TTOF         Thermal time of flight spectrometer
OSIRIS      Radioactive ion source and on-line isotope separator

Proposal forms, contact information and instrument details are available
via  http://www.studsvik.uu.se.

Dr. Per Zetterstrom
Studsvik Neutron Research Laboratory
Uppsala University
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Tel: +46 155 221837
FAX: +46 155 263001
E-mail: Per.Zetterstrom at studsvik.uu.se

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