[Neutron] Postdoc Position at HMI

Karen Diederichsen diederichsen at hmi.de
Mon Aug 12 15:33:26 CDT 2002

           The Hahn-Meitner-Institut invites applications 
                               for a
        post-doctoral position in the area of the structure 
          condensed matter, with special emphasis on the 
             microscopic dynamics and functionality in 
                        biological matter. 

The Hahn-Meitner-Institut is a German National Laboratory and a 
member of the Hermann von Helmholtz Association of National 
Research Centres and has about  850 employees. It hosts the Berlin 
Neutron Scattering Centre (BENSC), a user facility open to 
scientists from all   over the world. To probe the structure and 
dynamics of condensed matter, BENSC provides scientists with 
state-of-the-art neutron scientific research opportunities .



         Research in the field of microscopic dynamics and 
                functionality in biological matter. 
(the position is available for three years starting 1st October 2002)

                candidates should be interested in :

       - experimental physics, physical chemistry, biophysics
          - collaboration with other scientists in a team 
    - theoretical analysis and computer modelling of experiments

This position is open to post-doctoral candidates who are looking for
an entry position in fundamental research with an interdisciplinary
character. The activities of the successful candidate will be centered
around dynamic structure studies in life sciences (including e.g.
biological macromolecules such as proteins, enzymes, as well as
membranes, etc.). Research methods comprise neutron scattering
techniques, especially wide-angle and small-angle time-of-flight
spectroscopy and include computer model calculations. Various
complementary sample characterization techniques (e.g. DSC, 
Laser flash spectroscopy and broadband dielectric spectroscopy) 
areavailable. The successful candidate will also participate in
experiments of user groups, who carry out research with the
time-of-flight spectrometer NEAT in many different areas of 
condensed matter research, concerning e.g. the dynamics of 
molecular crystals, ionic conductors, clathrates and intercalates, 
polymers,phospholipid-surfactant systems, etc. He/she will regularly
participate in the scientific discussions of the Biology and Soft
Matter Collegium at the Hahn-Meitner-Institut. 

Successful candidates must hold a PhD degree in physics, 
chemistry, biophysics or biochemistry. Familiarity with computer 
programming and data analysis is essential. A background in a 
spectroscopic technique (FTIR, Raman, Diel. Spectr., neutron 
scattering, etc. ...) would be an advantage.

For further information about the post, contact Univ. Doz. Dr. R. E. 
Lechner (+49(30)8062-2780), e-mail: lechner at hmi.de)

 Applicants should dispatch a letter of application, CV, names and 
addresses of two referees,  and a list of publications to 
       Hahn-Meitner-Institut, Abt. V1, Glienicker Str. 100, 
                      D-14109 Berlin, Germany

                      before August 31,  2002.

      Please  also send a copy of the letter of application to

  Univ. Doz. Dr. R. E. Lechner, Hahn-Meitner-Institut, Abt. SF 1, 
                    Glienicker Str. 100, D-14109

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