[Neutron] suggestions on magnetic form factors for Re and its ions?

Guerman Popov popov at rutchem.rutgers.edu
Tue Aug 20 11:43:45 CDT 2002

Dear Neutron mailing list subscribers,

after an extensive search it seems that magnetic form factors for Re and
its ions have never been calculated and are not known. I have an objective
to refine the magnetic structure of the Re containing compound. The moment
on Re ion will probably be small if any but I would like to show this
rather than assume.

Do you have any suggestions on obtaining magnetic form factors for Re? Any
approaches to calculating them, substituting them with those for other
ions? In the latter case magnetic form factors are not available for the
5d elements (based on the information in atmdata.dat file from the GSAS

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Guerman Popov
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Rutgers University

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