[Neutron] SNS Beamline for High-Pressure Research

Nancy Ross nross at vt.edu
Thu Sep 26 11:57:49 CDT 2002


A proposal to build a beamline at the SNS suitable for high pressure
neutron research is being prepared for submission.  The deadline is October
10.  The PI's, Rus Hemley (CIW, Geophysical Lab) John Parise (SUNY at Stony
Brook) and Cris Tulk (ANL, SNS) would like to include as broad a spectrum
of potential and current geoscience at high pressure using neutrons from
the  US community as possible.  This new instrument will complement
existing facilities at Los Alamos, but will include single crystal
capability and will be on THE  platform (the SNS) for US neutron science
going forward.  Please send contributions, questions about the proposal,
etc.  to r.hemley at gl.ciw.edu

Nancy Ross


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