[Neutron] VITESS 2.3 released!

Zsigmond zsigmond at hmi.de
Tue Oct 15 13:43:28 CDT 2002

Dear Colleagues,

We have released version 2.3 of the free software VITESS (Virtual
Instrumentation Tool for ESS), which is a Monte Carlo package for
simulations of neutron scattering instrumentation. It was developed at the
HMI Berlin in the framework of the European Spallation Source project, and
has already been used for MC simulations of a wide variety of neutron
scattering instruments.

Operating systems for VITESS are:
Windows 95/98/NT/2000; Unix SunOS (from 5.6) or OSF1, (V4.0); Linux (from

With version 2.3, we have also included, for the first time, the source
codes of the different instrument parts (such as guide, bender, chopper,
sample, etc.).

For download and more information please visit our web-site:

Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you have further questions or

Your VITESS-Team

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