[Neutron] SSPD'03 - deadline for the 1st "circular", registration fees

Lubomir Smrcok uachsmrk at savba.sk
Sun Jan 12 14:36:38 CST 2003

This message is to remind you of the deadline for preliminary registration,
January 31st. Note that the Organizers have not distributed ANY printed
materials and so that the only way how to register is through the web page
of the Conference (see below).

To answer some questions addressing the fees we wish to inform you that the
estimates are ~200 euro full participant, ~90 euro reduced, hotel prices
excluded. Note that these figures may change depending on the prices asked
by the Conference Center for 2003. However, it is believed that the maximum
change will not exceed 10%.
Lubo Smrcok

Structure Solution from Powder Diffraction Data
September 14-19, 2003
Congress Center Academia, Stara Lesna, Slovakia

The purpose of this conference is to assess the progress
made in the theory and techniques of structure solution
based on powder diffraction data and to point to areas
where further work is needed. Special attention will be
paid to structure prediction done by energy minimization,
because its results are frequently checked by Rietveld refinement.
It is believed that a combination of these two methods will
in a near future become a standard tool.


The scientific program will include both invited and contributed
lectures, micro-symposia and poster sessions. A commercial exhibition
will be also organized.


The main topics of the conference are :

1. optimal data collection strategies, autoindexing, space group determination,
2. Patterson & direct methods,
3. structure determination by global minimization methods,
4. structure prediction & modeling,
5. structure determination & refinement from neutron data,
6. accuracy of structure solutions,
7. influence of "real" structure,
8. applications to physics, chemistry, pharmacology & biology,
9. industrial applications.


Provisional list of speakers :

Robert Dinnebier, Germany
Alexander Dzyabchenko, Russia
Armel Le Bail, France
Daniel Louër, France
Norberto Masciocchi, Italy
Paolo Radaelli, UK
Jordi Rius, Spain
Christian Schoön, Germany
Robert Snyder, USA
Peter Stephens, USA
Robert Von Dreele, USA
Jonathan Wright, UK

More information can be obtained from www.sspd-03.sav.sk

Dr. Lubo Smrcok, Organizing Committee Chairman
Institute of Inorganic Chemistry
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Dubravska cesta
SK-845 36 Bratislava
Slovak Republic
E-mail : uachsmrk at savba.sk

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