[Neutron] Position in Neutron Scattering at Brookhaven National Lab.

Stephen M. Shapiro shapiro at bnl.gov
Wed Jan 15 10:44:21 CST 2003


Brookhaven National Laboratory is searching for an Assistant 
Physicist (S-1) with a Ph.D. in condensed matter physics or related 
field. A background in neutron scattering techniques and building 
neutron instrumentation with experience in project management is 
desired . The position is with the Center for Neutron Science and 
will involve the development and implementation of neutron scattering 
instrumentation. The applicant will also be encouraged and given the 
opportunity to carry out neutron scattering experiments at other 
neutron facilities. Current instrument projects include an approved 
time-of-flight inelastic instrument to be constructed at the 
Spallation Neutron Source (called HYSPEC) and relocation of the 
US-Japan inelastic instrument to the HFIR reactor at Oak Ridge 
National Laboratory. Under the direction of S. M. Shapiro.  (Position 
MK 3058)

Please Send CV to
M. Kipperman
Brookhaven National Laboratory
PO Box 5000
  Bldg. 185
Upton, NY 11973

or e-mail to:
  mrk at bnl.gov  or  shapiro at bnl.gov

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