[Neutron] BENSC Call for Proposals and User Meeting

Astrid Brandt brandt at hmi.de
Fri Feb 21 11:09:31 CST 2003

BENSC - Call for proposals
For selection round 2003/II we are calling for your applications for beam 
Deadline: 15  March 2003
Scheduling Period July  December 2003

Instruments on schedule are:

for thermal neutrons:
    3-Axis Spectrometer with Polarisation Analysis ( E1 )
    Flat-Cone Single Crystal and Powder Diffractometer ( E2 )
    Residual Stress Analysis Diffractometer ( E3 )
            additionally available:   Instrument X1 for X-Ray Strain 
and  Stress Analysis for Heavy Components
    2-Axis-Diffractometer ( E4 )
    4-Circle-Diffractometer ( E5 )
    Focusing 2-Axis Single Crystal Diffractometer ( E6 )
    Fine Resolution Powder Diffractometer (FIREPOD) ( E9 )

for cold neutrons:
    Diffractometer for Cold Neutrons with Area Detector ( V1 )
    3-Axis Spectrometer for Cold Neutrons (FLEX) with NRSE-Mode ( V2 )
    Time-of-Flight Spectrometer (NEAT) ( V3 )
    Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Instr. (SANS) ( V4 )
    Wide Angle Spin-Echo Spectrometer with ToF Option ( V5 )
    Reflectometer ( V6 )
    Double-Crystal Diffractometer (DCD-SANS) ( V12 )

Additional special instruments offer limited access for guest groups in 
close co-operation with local staff members.

Instrument details and coordinates of the relevant instrument responsible 
may be found in the web:


The BENSC Scientific Panel decisions are foreseen for May 2003. The 
decisions will be based on the information given in your proposal and, if 
applicable, on results, Experimental Reports and publications related to 
your previous BENSC experiments.

BENSC  Users Meeting 2003
BENSC would like to invite all users to join the

Friday, 16 May 2003,   9.00h  22.00h:  Oral and Poster Contributions
Saturday 17 May 2003 - Satellite events

Please contact the BENSC Guest Office ( bensc at hmi.de ) if you are intending 
to participate.

Proposal submission
For your applications please use the ONLINE PROPOSAL SUBMISSION  (OPS) under

Applications by e-mail are no longer recommended.
FAX and normal mail are no longer accepted.

Preformatted Experiment Descriptions for OPS ( benscexpdesc.* ) in Word and 
RTF format are available from the BENSC Web pages.
The OPS accepts  Word, PostScript or PDF files as well as zip-, gzip- or 
In case of questions or technical problems concerning OPS please 
contact   benscproposal at hmi.de
Comments or suggestions for further improvement are welcome as well.

Monetary support
We are happy to inform our European users that BENSC has been awarded EU 
support to provide access to the BENSC facilities for groups from EU Member 
States and Associated States. The current contract under the Access to 
Research Infrastructures action of the Human Potential Programme is 
effective until end of February 2004.
The EC grant in general supports included users through

  - Refund of travel costs
  - Free accommodation
  - Daily allowance
  - Free use of BENSC facilities

Priority is given to new groups and young researchers.

Accommodation on site
Our 30­bedroom on-site guest house is at your disposal and the BENSC Guest 
office shall be happy to assist with the arrangement of accommodation. 
Please contact:

BENSC Guest Office
Glienicker Str. 100,
D-14109 Berlin,Germany

Tel.:    +49  30  8062  2304 / - 3043
FAX:   +49  30  8062  2523 /  2824
email:  bensc at hmi.de

Rainer Michaelsen (bensc at hmi.de)
Astrid Brandt (bensc at hmi.de)

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