[Neutron] Position in Neutron Scattering

Dr. Ruep Lechner lechner at hmi.de
Tue Feb 25 15:14:55 CST 2003


            The Institute of Crystallography at the Free 
                         University Berlin 
                     invites applications for a
              PhD student position in the area of the 
               dynamics of hydration and hydrophobic 
                interaction in aqueous solutions of 
                    supramolecules and proteins 
                            PhD Student
 Research in the field of the dynamics of hydration and hydrophobic 
  interaction in aqueous solutions of supramolecules and proteins
             (the position is tenable for three years)
                candidates should be interested in :
        - experimental physics, biochemistry and biophysics
          - collaborating with other scientists in a team 
    - theoretical analysis and computer modelling of experiments
This position is open to PhD thesis candidates who are looking for an 
entry position in fundamental research with an interdisciplinary 
character. The activities of the successful candidate will be centered 
around static structure studies using X-ray crystallography at the 
Institute of Crystallography of the Free University Berlin and dynamic 
structure studies with neutrons at the Berlin Neutron Scattering Center 
(BENSC) of the Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin. Research methods 
comprise X-ray diffraction and neutron  scattering techniques, especially 
wide-angle, as well as small-angle time-of-flight spectroscopy and 
include computer model calculations. Various complementary sample 
characterization techniques (e.g. DSC and broadband dielectric 
spectroscopy) are available. The successful candidate will regularly 
participate in the scientific discussions of the Graduate College 
concerning Hydrogen Bond and Hydrogen Transfer at the Free 
University, and of the Biology and Soft Matter Collegium at the Hahn-
Meitner Institut (Berlin Neutron Scattering Center).

Successful candidates must hold a University (Technical University / 
Polytechnicum) degree in physics, chemistry, biophysics or 
biochemistry. Familiarity with computer programming (FORTRAN, C, 
and/or C++) and data analysis is essential. A good experimental 
background, either in crystallography, or in at least one spectroscopic 
technique (FTIR, Raman, Dielectric Spectroscopy, neutron scattering, 
NMR, etc. ...) is required.
      For further information about the post, please contact :
 Prof. Dr. W. Saenger (+49-30-8385-3412, e-mail: saenger at chemie.fu-
                           berlin.de) or 
Univ. Doz. Dr. R. E. Lechner (+49-30-8062-2780), e-mail: lechner at hmi.de)
Applicants should send a letter of application, CV, names and addresses 
of at least two referees,  and – if applicable – a list of publications to
Prof. Dr. W. Saenger, Institute of Crystallography, Free University Berlin, 
                             Takustr. 6
                      D-14195 Berlin, Germany
                      before March 15,  2003.

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