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Summary:  The Lujan Neutron Scattering Center at LANSCE is a high-power 
pulsed spallation neutron source with the mission to support a national 
user program in neutron scattering. We are seeking a highly motivated 
individual to work full time as the instrument scientist on Pharos, an 
inelastic chopper spectrometer used to study fundamental excitations in 
materials. The successful candidate will be responsible for overseeing the 
day-to-day operation of the Pharos spectrometer at the Lujan Center, 
including user program, instrumentation, data acquisition and analysis and 
sample environments. The instrument scientist will supervise instrument 
assistants, instrument technician, postdocs, students, users, and computer 
and electronic support personnel when they are working on Pharos. User 
program services include assisting users with the set-up and operation of 
neutron experiments as well as designing and developing software to assist 
with experiment automation, data processing, analysis and modeling. Other 
important duties are overseeing the development and maintenance of 
instrument and software documentation and acting as a subject matter expert 
regarding all aspects of the Pharos program. On-call work and travel are 
required. This is a Limited Term position.

Required Skills:  This position requires experience with neutron scattering 
instrumentation, especially inelastic spectrometers. Additionally, 
familiarity with data acquisition and analysis of data for inelastic 
chopper spectrometers is essential for successful performance in this 
position. The successful applicant will have an established history of 
functioning as a member of a team and the ability to work and communicate 
with visiting scientists. Good problem-solving skills are required and 
should be supported by recommendations. Must have a demonstrated effective 
interpersonal skills and strong and oral and written communication skills. 
Demonstrated commitment to safety and health, including minimization of the 
environmental impact of activities is required.

Desired Skills:  Experience with inelastic chopper spectrometers, 
preferably Pharos itself. This position requires a Q access authorization. 
Applicants must have the ability to obtain a Q clearance, which normally 
requires U.S. citizenship. Experience and skills may be supported by a 
strong record of refereed publications, honors, awards, grade-point average 
and/or by letters of recommendation.

Education:  Applicants with a doctorate in physics, materials science, 
chemistry, computer science, or related technical field who seek a 
challenging position at a state-of-the-art neutron scattering facility are 
encouraged to apply.

More Information:  For specific questions about this position, call (505) 
665-0630. For questions about the status, call (505) 667-9303.

To Apply:  Go to 

Audrey L. Archuleta, Group Leader
Communications, Training and User Coordination
Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE)
Los Alamos, NM 87545 USA
505-665-0808 (phone)
505-665-1010 (group administrator)
505-667-8830 (fax)
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