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Juergen Eckert juergen at model.lansce.lanl.gov
Thu May 8 21:10:21 CDT 2003

3rd Announcement

Quantum Atomic and Molecular Tunneling in Solids 2003

The XIIth International Workshop on "Quantum Atomic and Molecular Tunneling in Solids" 
will be dedicated to  the memory  of Mik Pintar who  passed away on February 9, 2003,  
and was a leading figure in this international series.   The workshop will held at the 
University of Florida in Gainesville,   Florida,  June 22-25, 2003.	

We are still accepting abstracts  for a limited number of oral presentations  
(20 minutes plus 5 for discussion) to accompany  the invited lectures (45 minutes) as 
well as poster submissions by the participants.  For questions  concerning  the scientific 
program  you may contact Juergen Eckert  (juergen at lanl.gov   or  juergen at mrl.ucsb.edu ) 
or Neil Sullivan  (neil at phys.ufl.edu)	
Prospective  attendees should  email Carol Binello  at  cbinello at clas.ufl.edu  
and indicate  if you wish to present  a talk or poster and include  the  title of your 

Please register via the Web,
or request  a Registration Form by email  to (cbinello at clas.ufl.edu,  Subject:  Registration Form).  

You will find all necessary  details  for your attendance at our conference  on our website  at 

Invited Talks

V.A.Benderskii, E.V.Vetoshkin, E.I.Kats, "From coherent to dissipative tunneling: 
Criterion of reversibility."

R. Blinc, "Tunneling in KDP-Type Proton and Deuteron Glasses."

Gerd Buntkowsky and H.H. Limbach, "NMR Studies of Tunneling Phenomena in Transition 
Metal Hydrides and Hydrogen-Bonds."

George Christou, "Magnetization quantum Tunneling in Molecular nanomagnets and their 
Supramolecular Aggregates."

R. I. Cukier, "A Quantum and Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Proton Transfer in 
Cytochrome c Oxidase."

Justin T. Fermann, "Tunneling as a reaction mechanism: Zeolite proton transfer 
rates from semiclassical transition state theory." 

Miguel A. Garcia-Garibay, "Photohemistry Near Zero Kelvin: Structure-Reactivity 
Correlations for Quantum-Mechanical Tunneling Reactions." 

Mireia Garcia-Viloca, Tina D. Poulsen, Cristbal Alhambra, Jiali Gao, and Donald G. Truhlar,
 "Quantum mechanical tunneling in enzyme-catalyzed reactions."

A.J. Horsewill and Q. Xue, "Concerted Double Proton Transfer in the Hydrogen Bond: 
Isotope Effects and the Case of High Energy Asymmetry."

Mark Johnson, "Neutron scattering and quantum tunnelling in molecular systems; 
from physics to chemistry."

Amnon Kohen, "H-Tunneling and Coupled Motion in Enzyme Catalysis."

J. Peternelj, J. Dolin_ek , "Rotational tunneling in  icosahedral quasicrystals."

Robert S. Sheridan, Peter Zuev, "Cutting Corners - Carbene Reactions at Low Temperatures."

Zorka Smedarchina, "Dynamics of multiple-proton tunneling."

S. Szymanski, "Nonclassical dynamics of strongly hindered methyl groups in liquid-phase NMR."

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