[Neutron] 'THE FIRST 15 YEARS OF REVERSE MONTE CARLO' (2nd RMC Conference)

Pusztai Laszlo lp at mail.szfki.kfki.hu
Fri May 16 14:53:32 CDT 2003

(I do apologise if you receive this message more than once...LP)

Dear Collegues,

About 3 months ago, a preliminary announcement was made (see last section
of this message) that the 2nd Reverse Monte Carlo Conference would be
organised in Hungary. Many of you responded positively - for which I would
like to thank, of course! - and therefore I thought it would be
worthwhile pursuing the idea.

This is now the first official announcement of the meeting


which will be held in

                          BUDAPEST, HUNGARY,


                           HOTEL SUNLIGHT


                         9-11 OCTOBER, 2003

THE VENUE: Hotel Sunlight is situated on the hilly side of the Danube, at
           the boundary of the forests of Buda; also, in the close
           proximity of the sites of several physics-oriented research
           institutes that are hosted within the old 'KFKI' (Central
           Research Instite for Physics) site. It is reachable by frequent
           public transport connection: downtown Budapest is about 35
           minutes by bus and underground.

           There are 50 hotel rooms reserved in Hotel Sunlight for the
           participants of the 2nd RMC Conference, for the period of 8-12
           October, 2003 (4 nights). (The rooms can be used
           as single, double or even three-bed rooms.)

           The meeting room of the hotel can host an audience of up to 80
           people. It is equipped by all standard presentation tools
           (including a projector for computer-based talks).

TOPICS:    All aspects (theory, code developments, applications) of
           the Reverse Monte Carlo and related methods, including EPSR,
           MAXENT, MCGR, etc...

PROGRAMME: To be organised so that scientific information
           exchange can be maximised. Talks of about 20-30 minutes
           are foreseen, with ample time for (public and personal)

WWW:       A conference web site will be set up soon.

COSTS:     No 'conference fee', as such,  will be applied.

           The estimated price of the accomodation (based on single
           occupancy of the hotel room) will be about 250 Euros for 4
           nights, including breakfast, lunch and refreshments for the
           conference days (9,10 and 11 October). These costs will have
           to be paid directly to the hotel (payment details will be given
           as soon as price negotiations have been finished).

           There will be a 'Conference Dinner' on the 10th of October, for
           which tickets will be available upon arrival.

           If publishing the proceedings will require additional payment,
           it will also be due upon arrival.


INTERESTED ? If so then please send an e-mail to

                             lp at szfki.hu

             providing information on:

   (Address, phone,) fax, e-mail address:
   Preferred type of contribution: (talk, poster, etc...)
   Title (tentative) of contribution:

Any further questions, suggestions will be appriciated.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Budapest!

With the best regards,
Laszlo Pusztai

PS Please do pass this message to collegues whom you think would be
   interested. Thanks!


Laszlo Pusztai                LP at SZFKI.HU

Research Institute for            |    MTA Szilardtestfizikai
Solid State Physics & Optics,     |    es Optikai Kutatointezet
Hungarian Academy of Sciences,    |
Budapest, P.O.Box 49., H-1525,    |    Budapest, Pf. 49, 1525
Hungary                           |    (Bp. XII., Konkoly Thege ut 29-33.)

                Tel/fax:     +36  - 1  392 2589


(The preliminary announcement:)

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Pusztai Laszlo wrote:

> Dear Collegues:
> Reverse Monte Carlo (RMC) modelling, a method for modelling structural
> disorder in liquids, amorphous and crystalline solids, has been around for
> 15 years now. The first - and only - international meeting that was
> dedicated to RMC was held in Stockholm in 1994 (organised by Robert
> McGreevy). Although it had been a rather successful small conference, it
> was followed only by an Internet-based 'conference' in 1996-97. It seems
> therefore timely to hold the next international conference on (all the
> diverse aspects of) Reverse Monte Carlo modelling.
> Hereby I would like to announce the next RMC meeting
>    *****************************************************
>    *                                                   *
>    *                                                   *
>    *****************************************************
> which is to be held
>                        in HUNGARY,
>                between 9-11 OCTOBER, 2003.
> The exact venue will be announced a little later, since it will depend on
> the expected number of participants; however, the meeting will certainly
> be held in, or within about 100 km's of, Budapest.
> Following the style of the first RMC Conference, the event is planned to
> be as informal as possible, with the sole aim that every attendee should
> profit from it as much as possible. There will be a very few 'plenary'
> type lectures; most of the time will be devoted to 'workshop-like'
> discussions, including short oral presentations, and to extended poster
> sessions to allow ample time for personal contacts.
> Also, a one-day practical training is planned preceeding the meeting
> (unfortunately, the number of participants at the training will have to be
> limited to about 20).
> Registration fees will be kept to the absolute minimum (if there will be
> any at all) - accordingly, financial support for attending the meeting
> will probably not be available. However, Budapest can be reached quite
> cheaply by plane, train or car, and accomodation + full board for three
> days will certainly not exceed about 300 EUR.
> Anything related to RMC (even remotely):
>         Structure of liquids and amorphous materials
>         Interpretation of powder diffraction data for crystals
>         Software development: new RMC codes (RMC++, etc...)
>         Related methods: EPSR, PDF-analysis, MCGR, etc...
>         Extending the applications of RMC:
>                modelling small angle scattering, reflectometry, inealastic
>                scattering, EXAFS, NMR, etc...
>         Etc...
> There is a Proceedings volume of the meeting planned - details will be
> announced later.
> Laszlo PUSZTAI, lp at szfki.hu
> (for postal address, phone and fax, see below).
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> The two questions that I would like you to answer now are:
> (1) Are you interested in attending such a meeting in general?
> (2) Are the dates given above suitable for you?
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Please, do take time (less than 1 minute!) to answer these basic
> questions.
> If you have more than 1 minute for a quick reply, I would appreciate if
> you could tell me names and e-mail addresses of collegues you know who
> would possibly be interested in taking part in the event. Also (and
> obviously), your suggestions/criticism/etc... concerning any aspect of the
> meeting would be welcome!
> (Note that at this stage, even the dates of the meeting may be shifted...
> so please, do tell me about things! In the worst case, the title of the
> meeting will be changed to 'The first 16 years of RMC'...)
> Thank you very much!
> With the best regards,
> Laszlo Pusztai.
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> Laszlo Pusztai                LP at SZFKI.HU
> Research Institute for            |    MTA Szilardtestfizikai
> Solid State Physics & Optics,     |    es Optikai Kutatointezet
> Hungarian Academy of Sciences,    |
>                                   |
> Budapest, P.O.Box 49., H-1525,    |    Budapest, Pf. 49, 1525
> Hungary                           |    (Bp. XII., Konkoly Thege ut 29-33.)
>                 Tel/fax:     +36  - 1  392 2589
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