[Neutron] Free popLA Texture Analysis and Modeling software

L. Cranswick lzc at dl.ac.uk
Fri May 23 01:40:45 CDT 2003

(updated post due to the CCP14 scripts not mirroring the most current
popLA website - now fixed)

The popLA software for Texture Analysis and Modeling software developed
at Los Alamos by Fred Kocks and collaborators, provides a comprehensive
treatment of material texture analysis by reducing texture data and
using these data to predict important material properties.

The distribution of crystal orientation, or texture, in polycrystalline
materials is calculated and displayed by a wide variety of graphic
formats for comparison with published results. Once distributions have
been determined, standard methods are used to predict mechanical
properties employed by industry to design and control efficient metals
and ceramics processing techniques.

popLA can be obtained via the popLA group and is free to those that qualify
for distribution - as per US Government regulations. The eligibility for
distribution has to be verified by the popLA group for each requester. 


  Reduction of raw data from X-ray, neutron, or electron diffraction  
  Graphical representation of textures in a flexible format. Discrete
    texture representations through a weighted set of orientations;
    provides interface between experimental textures and LApp simulation
  Texture development modeling in polycrystals using modified Taylor
  Anisotropic property predictions, including average elastic constants,
    r-values, and yield surfaces. 
  Serves as a research tool for investigating microstructure/property
    relationships in materials. 

popLA website:


CCP14 mirrors (may take an hour or two to update for CA, US and AU):
 UK: http://www.ccp14.ac.uk/ccp/web-mirrors/popla/orgs/mst/cms/poplalapp.html
 CA: http://ccp14.sims.nrc.ca/ccp/web-mirrors/popla/orgs/mst/cms/poplalapp.html
 US: http://ccp14.semo.edu/ccp/web-mirrors/popla/orgs/mst/cms/poplalapp.html
 AU: http://ccp14.minerals.csiro.au/ccp/web-mirrors/popla/orgs/mst/cms/poplalapp.html

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