[Neutron] Second annoucement: Workshop on "Scientific Opportunities with Cold Neutron Spectroscopy"

Paul Sokol paul at sokol.phys.psu.edu
Mon Jun 9 13:26:51 CDT 2003

                   Scientific Opportunities with Cold Neutron Spectroscopy
                                    Washington, DC
                                   July 14-16, 2003

On behalf of the organizing committee I am pleased to announce the International Workshop on the Scientific Opportunities with Cold Neutron Spectroscopy to be held on July 14-16 at the Hilton Hotel, Silver Springs, MD. Information on the workshop, registration and submission of abstracts is available on the site at http://sokol.phys.psu.edu/cnw.  The deadline for submission of abstracts and early registration is June 30, 2003.

Cold neutron spectroscopy has proved to be a powerful and effective research tool for accessing 10^-13  10^-10 s in many areas of condensed matter research, including physics, chemistry and biology. The unique feature of neutron scattering in the exploration of this time domain is that it delivers direct information in both space and time, while other spectroscopic probes are either local (such as hyperfine field methods) or macroscopic in the spatial dimension (such as light scattering). This workshop will explore the scientific opportunities and future potential of cold neutron spectroscopy. The scope of the workshop is to review both the applications of cold inelastic neutron scattering and techniques to enhance instrument performance. The scientific program will include the following topics:

* 1.      Magnetism
* 2.      Quantum liquids
* 3.      Disordered Materials 
* 4.      Soft matter and biophysics 
* 5.      Hydrogen Storage
* 6.      Homeland Security
* 7.      Nanoscience 
* 8.      Current and Future Instrumentation for Cold Neutron Research

A partial list of speakers includes:

* Austen Angell (Arizona State University)
* Sow-Hsin Chen (MIT)
* Michel Kenzelman (Johns Hopkins)
* Ruep Lechner (BENSC/HMI)
* Ferenc Mezei (HMI, Berlin)
* Janna Maranas (PSU)
* Dan Neumann (NIST Center for Neutron Research, NIST)
* Ivan Schuller (UCSD)
* Tobin Sosnick (University of Chicago)
* Francis Starr (NIST)

This workshop is being sponsored by the Manuel Lujan Jr. Neutron Scattering Center at Los Alamos National Laboratory, The Pennsylvania State University (Department of Physics) and the National Science Foundation.  

We are looking forward to seeing you at the workshop.

		The Organizing Committee

				Alan Hurd, LANL
				Margarita Russina, LANL
				Paul Sokol, PSU

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