[Neutron] Quantum Complexities in Condensed Matter: An International Worksh op and Conference: 21-28 August, 2003: Registration Extended to 30th June .

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Quantum Complexities in Condensed Matter
An International Workshop and Conference
21-28 August, 2003
Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Conference Registration extended to 30th June
Quantum Complexities in Condensed Matter provides a forum for the discussion
of forefront theoretical and experimental research on Quantum Phase
Transitions, Low Dimensional Magnetism, Quantum Ferroelectrics, Thin Film
Magnetism, Unconventional Superconductivity, Heavy Fermions, Organics,
Correlated Oxides, and The Bose-Einstein Condensate. 

The experimental discoveries of a wide range of novel quantum ground states
in condensed matter over the past fifteen years have led scientists to
reconsider their understanding of how electrons behave in materials. The
experimental evidence - high temperature superconductivity, fractional
quantum Hall states, coexisting superconductivity and magnetism, non-Fermi
liquid scalings etc. - relates to situations where the effects of electronic
correlations become, or can be made, dominant. 
Quantum Complexities in Condensed Matter will bring together the latest
experimental results with new theoretical insights in order to further
understanding of the effects of strong electronic correlations and the
nature of the emergent complex quantum ground states. 
Further details and registration can be found at the conference website:

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