[Neutron] Joint Meeting on Neutron Optics and Detectors (NOP2004 and PSND2004)

shimizu at riken.jp shimizu at riken.jp
Fri Jul 18 11:47:16 CDT 2003

	Dear Colleagues,

	It is our great pleasure to announce that The Joint Meeting on Neutron 
Optics and Detectors will take place in Tokyo in January 2004. The 
Joint Meeting provides an opportunity for extended discussions over 
technical challenges and their applications in the neutron science, 
which open new windows of capabilities of neutron scattering with both 
steady and pulsed neutron sources.
	The Joint Meeting involves two meetings NOP2004 and PSND2004.

NOP2004 : International Conference on Neutron Optics
-- Development and Application of Neutron Optical Devices and Related 
Techniques --

PSND2004 : Third International Workshop on Position-Sensitive Neutron 

	The scientific program will include following topics.

Reflective Optics
Refractive Optics
Diffractive Optics
Interference Optics
Spin Manipulation Techniques
Neutron Scattering Methods, Instrumentation and Instrument Designs
Scintillation Detectors
Imaging Plates
Gaseous Detectors
Solid-state Detectors
Neutron Radiography Detectors
Detector Front-End Electronics and Data Acquisition and Data Handling
Simulation Techniques
Application of these techniques and scientific results and possibilities

	The Joint Meeting will take place at the ICHIJO-HALL in the YAYOI 
Campus of The University of Tokyo from 13 January 2004 to 16 January 
2004. Please visit our web page for further information and the 
registration at URL=http://www.nop2004.jp or contact Conference Office 
through E-mail at nop2004 at nop.riken.go.jp.
	Sincerely yours,

	Hirohiko Shimizu (Conference Chair of NOP2004)
	Jun-ichi Suzuki (Conference Co-Chair of NOP2004)

	Michihiro Furusaka (Conference Chair of PSND2004)
	Masaki Katagiri (Conference Co-Chair of PSND2004)

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