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The July 2003 2nd edition of the on-line IUCr Computing Commission
Newsletter on-line is available as an Acrobat PDF file (~2.6Meg and 
57 pages) at:


and IUCr mirrors.  E.g.,:


As per the last edition, the newsletter's main intended audience is
that of crystallographic programmers; people who like to look under the
bonnet of the programs they are using; and those interested in
crystallographic programming. There are also general articles of
possible interest to those who use crystallographic software as a black
box, and/or interested in topics surrounding crystallographic computing.

The next intended issue is scheduled to appear around January 2004.
Submission of articles for this next edition are welcome.  Particularly
software announcements where examples of updated or new source code
and algorithms are elaborated.

A Table of contents for the current July 2003 edition follows.


Programming Articles :

   The Clipper C++ libraries for X-ray crystallography - Kevin Cowtan 

   cctbx news: Fast triplet generator for direct methods, Gallery of
   direct-space asymmetric units, et. al. - Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve, 
   Buddy Wong and Paul D. Adams 

   Control Program for Single Crystal Diffractometer: The Use of the 
   Qt C++ Class Library - Jurgen Kopf 


General Articles : 

  Computing before computers - The Beevers-Lipson Strips - Robert O.

  ICSD-for-WWW, a crystallographic database on the WWW - Alan Hewat and
  Peter Hewat 

  How easy/hard is to convert raw data into a web database? - 
  Armel Le Bail 

  Automated Data Collection & Integration; Recent Changes to Mosflm -
  Harold R. Powell 

  Overview of powder-indexing program algorithms (history and strengths
  and weaknesses) - Robin Shirley 


Future Symposia and meetings relevant to Crystallographic

Calls for contributions to Newsletter No. 3

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