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Hoover, Amy L hoovera at indiana.edu
Wed Jul 23 14:35:53 CDT 2003

Neutron Instrument Scientist Positions 
at the new LENS Neutron Source at Indiana University

LENS is a long-pulsed cold neutron source that will be devoted to 
neutron scattering research, education, and instrument development. 
This source is now under construction at the Indiana University 
Cyclotron Facility (IUCF).  IUCF is seeking two instrument scientists 
who will each have overall responsibility for one of the proposed scattering 
instruments.  The three instruments are (1) a SANS spectrometer similar 
to the SAND instrument at IPNS, (2) a flexible, wide dynamic range zero 
field spin-echo instrument for SANS/reflectometry/diffraction, and (3) a 
radiography instrument that exploits phase contrast techniques, neutron 
TOF, and fast, high spatial-resolution neutron detector technology to 
extend radiography into qualitatively new domains. Responsibilities will 
include cooperating with visiting scientists in conducting experiments and 
analyzing data, maintaining the instrument and its associated analysis 
software, participating in instrumentation design and development projects, 
and conducting an independent research program.  Applicants can find a 
detailed description of LENS and its proposed instrumentation at 

QUALIFICATIONS:  Ph.D. degree in Physics, Chemistry, Materials 
Science or other suitable field.  Experience with either the characterization 
of condensed matter systems using scattering techniques or the creative 
manipulation of neutron or neutral atomic beams is essential.  Experience 
with x-ray and neutron techniques (particularly SANS, radiography, and/or 
zero-field neutron spin echo techniques) is highly desirable.  Preference will 
be given to individuals with experience in either neutron instrumentation 
design and data analysis or equivalent experience with neutral atomic beams.  
Good communication skills (both written and oral), diverse scientific interests, 
and a desire to educate new users in neutron scattering techniques are also 
essential.  Applicants who can demonstrate an understanding of the implications 
of the long (~msec) pulse for LENS instrument design and suggest creative 
means to make use of the capabilities of the LENS beams will distinguish 

This is a full-time position in the IU Research Scientist Ranks that provides 
excellent benefits and opportunities for professional growth.  The IUCF is an 
accelerator-based research facility engaged in research and development in 
nuclear/particle/accelerator physics, neutron scattering, and materials research.  
For further information on IUCF and the LENS facilities, please visit our web 
page at http://www.iucf.indiana.edu.  For information regarding the excellent 
cultural, academic, and recreational activities in Bloomington and its environs, 
refer to http://www.bloomington.in.us and http://www.indiana.edu/iub. 

Send résumé, bibliography, statement of research and instrumentation 
development goals for one of the LENS instruments, and contact information 
for three references no later than 9/30/03 to:
Dr. John M. Cameron, Director
Indiana University Cyclotron Facility
2401 Milo Sampson Lane, Bloomington, IN 47408
FAX: 812-855-6645 Email: cameron at iucf.indiana.edu

IU is strongly committed to achieving excellence through cultural diversity.  
The university actively encourages applications and nominations of women, 
persons of color, applicants with disabilities, and members of other 
underrepresented groups.  

Indiana University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Employment institution.

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