[Neutron] Vitess 2.4

Klaus Lieutenant lieutenant at hmi.de
Fri Aug 8 18:23:53 CDT 2003

Dear Monte Carlo Simulators,

we have now released VITESS 2.4. You can download it from the VITESS


The main new features included in this version are:
 - visualisation of Vitess output files with IDL / PV-Wave (see
 - 'Sample single crystal' module
 - specification of neutron sources with 2 moderators 
 - intensity distribution file I(lambda,t) for pulsed sources
 - neutron divergence defined by the 'propagation window'
 - option to normalize monitored data with bin-size, with the standard
deviations per bins written out as third column 
 - improvement or correction of some modules:
   guide, bender, supermirror_ensemble, chopper_fermi, etc.
 - increased number of possible variables or simulations in 'Generate
 - a tool to generate surface files for the bender module
 - new and improved examples
 - improved help manual

Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you have further questions.

Thanks in advance for any feed-back.

Best regards,
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