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Neutron Scattering Winter School
Topic for 2004:  Magnetism
Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA
January 9-16, 2004
Applications Due:  Friday, October 24, 2003

Students are solicited for the First Annual LANSCE Neutron Scattering 
Winter School. Students will learn basic theory and practice in neutron 
scattering from world-renowned instructors. The purpose of the school is to 
acquaint students with techniques with which neutron scattering can be used 
to study magnetic materials and the manner in which these are related to 
other methods of studying magnetism in solids. Teaching methods will 
include a mix of classroom instruction as well as hands-on experiments 
performed at the Lujan Neutron Scattering Center at Los Alamos National 

Applicants should be full-time postdocs, graduate, or advanced 
undergraduate students in science or engineering, working or planning to 
work on a topic in magnetism.
This week-long, annual school focuses each year on a different scientific 
topic (in 2004, magnetism) and provides researchers (principally graduate 
students and postdocs) with a foundation in those aspects of neutron 
scattering theory and practice primarily used in studies of the topical 
area of the school. Complementary techniques are described in the school 
and students learn how neutron scattering complements information obtained 
with these techniques.

For information, see http://lansce.lanl.gov/neutronschool/index.html or 
contact the LANSCE User Office, lansce_users at lanl.gov, 505-665-1010.
Audrey L. Archuleta, Group Leader
Communications, Training and User Coordination
Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE)
Los Alamos, NM 87545 USA
505-665-0808 (phone)
505-665-1010 (group administrator)
505-667-8830 (fax)
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