[Neutron] Position as Neutron Instrument Scientist

Juergen Neuhaus Juergen.Neuhaus at frm2.tum.de
Wed Oct 15 13:04:21 CDT 2003

On behalf of the State of Bavaria, the Technische Universität München
takes into operation the New Neutron Source FRM-II in Garching near
We are seeking a

               Neutron Instrument scientist

for operating the Neutron-Resonance-Spin-Echo (NRSE) Spectrometer. The
position requires a Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics, Chemistry, or
Materials Science along with good communication skills. Experiences in
scattering methods or in other probes of dynamical processes in
materials are desirable.
Responsibilities include cooperation with visiting researchers in
conducting experiments and reducing data as well as participating in
equipment development projects. Instrument Scientists are also
encouraged to develop their own research program using the NRSE
spectrometer or any of the other facilities at the institute.

The appointment will initially be limited to three years with the
possibility of extension or to become permanently. The Technische
Universität München is an equal opportunity employer. Therefore women
are especially encouraged to apply. Handicapped persons having an
equivalent experience will be preferred.
Further information can be found on

Applicants should send a letter of interest describing relevant
experience, including a full curriculum vitae and a publication list to:

Dr. Jürgen Neuhaus
Technische Universität München
D-85747 Garching
e-mail: juergen.neuhaus at frm2.tum.de

(Phone: +49 89 2891 2187  Fax.: (+49) 89 2891 4995)

Juergen Neuhaus Technische Universitaet Muenchen Tel.: (+49) 89 2891 2187
ZWE FRM-II      D-85747 Garching, Germany        Fax.: (+49) 89 2891 4995

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