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Advanced Neutron Scattering netWork for Education and Research (ANSWER)

November 16 ~ November 20, 2003

Hilton Hotel, Knoxville, Tennessee, U.S.A.





Advanced Neutron Scattering netWork for Education and Research (ANSWER)
is one of the first three International Materials Institutes (IMI) being
established with the support from the U.S. National Science Foundation
(NSF). The objectives of the ANSWER are to: 

(1) develop an international network of researchers and educators who
are actively involved in "neutron-scattering materials research with a
focus on mechanical behavior of materials" from universities,
industries, and neutron facilities worldwide; 

(2) facilitate the exchange of scientific information through
collaborative research projects; 

(3) develop a world-class work force in neutron science by providing US
students, scientists, and engineers opportunities to access the research
programs and facilities in the US and other countries; 

(4) identify and lead innovative materials-research efforts; and 

(5) establish international internet-based virtual institutes. 




The first annual ANSWER workshop is planned to gather international
neutron-scattering materials research community and provide a forum for
the discussion of current and future research activities and ideas.
Specific topics of the oral and poster presentations will include: 

(1) neutron-scattering facilities and instruments; 

(2) mechanical behavior of materials including plastic deformation,
twinning, fatigue, and creep; 

(3) residual stresses; 

(4) microstructure and phase transformation; and 

(5) theoretical modeling. 


Furthermore, a discussion session is scheduled for the planning and
coordination of the ANSWER activities and businesses for the upcoming
year. The specific agenda for the business session will include: 

(1) discussion on areas of important and innovative research for joint
research programs, 

(2) current status of the international collaborative research projects,

(3) progress reports by ANSWER Fellows and evaluation, 

(4) planning of the Exchange Programs for the following year, and 

(5) tutorials for students and researchers who are new to neutron
scattering including tours of neutron facilities at the Oak Ridge
National Laboratory. 


Support for the workshop is provided by the National Science Foundation,
University of Tennessee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Oak Ridge
Associated Universities.  For information on registration, scholarships,
confirmed speakers, and the draft agenda, please visit the website at 




Allen E. Ekkebus

Spallation Neutron Source

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Oak Ridge, TN  37830

Telephone: (865) 241-5644

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