[Neutron] Dynamic Energy Landscapes and Functional Systems - Santa Fe, 2004

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DELFS 04: Dynamic Energy Landscapes and Functional Systems
In conjunction with the workshop on
Lifelike Matter: Emergent Functionality From the Standpoint of 
Template Controls on Energy Landscapes
Sponsored by the Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter
And a Symposium on:
Heterogeneous Aspects of Cuprates and Correlated Materials

Santa Fe, New Mexico; 28 March-3 April, 2004


The most interesting solids and molecules are mesoscopically 
functional ones that are active on the scale of domains within 
individual macromolecules or of less than a thousand atoms in a 
solid.  This action can involve correlated properties such as 
transformation or the conduction of spins or Cooper pairs or chemical 
ones such as the conduction of ions, the catalysis of coupled or 
multi-step chemical reactions, and communication and regulation. 
What many of these systems have in common is that not only are they 
statically complex in terms of their compositions and structures on 
the nanoscale, but also dynamically complex, exhibiting multiple, 
coexisting conformations or arrangements of the atoms in these 
distinct domains.  This conference will address the fundamental 
questions posed by these functional systems in condensed matter, 
chemistry, and biology, and the coupling of these properties with the 
intrinsic, mesoscale, dynamic heterogeneity of these systems and its 
origin in a modifiable local energy landscape with multiple local 
minima.  The emphasis will not be on complexity per se, but rather on 
actual examples of materials that exhibit these characteristics, 
including correlated and transformational crystalline solids, mixed 
valence oxides, alloys and solid solutions, catalysts, polymers and 
other soft materials and molecular compounds, proteins and nucleic 
acids, actinides and other f electron systems, semiconductors and 
photo-excited transformational compounds, ionic conductors, 
biomolecular assemblies, and fabricated heterostructures. 

Speakers include:
  K. Alex Muller
Philip Anfinrud
Antonio Bianconi
Alan Bishop
Russell Chianelli
J. C. Seamus Davis
Takeshi Egami
Hans Frauenfelder
Siegfried Hecker
Gerhard Hummer
Masaru Ichikawa
Dorothee Kern
William Klein
James Krumhansl
Rodney McKee
Adriana Moreo
Alexandra Navrotsky
Kazuhiro Otsuka
Stuart Parkin
Davor Pavuna
Michel Peyrard
Simon Ringer
Paul Selvin
Zhi-xun Shen
Peter Wolynes
Christopher Yip

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