[Neutron] "Neutrons and Numerical Methods II" workshop at ILL Sept 2004

Mark Johnson johnson at ill.fr
Mon Jan 26 16:12:04 CST 2004

We would like to draw your attention to the 2nd Neutrons and Numerical
Methods workshop, which will be held at the Institut Laue Langevin in
September (15-18) this year. The workshop will be preceded by a one-day
school that is intended not only for students, but anybody who wishes to
become familiar with the basic methodologies. For further information,
consult the website (www.ill.fr/Events/N2M2) or contact the organisers
directly via email (n2m2 at ill.fr). If you are interested in attending the
workshop, please fill-in the WEB pre-registration form. This will allow
us to gauge numbers of potential participants, to ensure that you are
contacted about final registration and, generally, to keep you informed.
Regards,    Mark Johnson & Miguel Gonzalez (ILL, Fr), Don Kearley
(Delft, Nl) and Tarek Mounir (Nancy, Fr)
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