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David Vaknin vaknin at ameslab.gov
Sun Feb 8 16:31:57 CST 2004

Postdoctoral Position in Neutron Scattering

A postdoctoral position is available with the Ames Laboratory/Iowa State 
University Neutron Scattering Group.  The successful candidate will be 
conducting basic neutron scattering studies on novel materials.  The Ames 
Laboratory Neutron Scattering Group is involved in various basic research 
projects including  magnetism in low-dimensional systems, complex magnetic 
systems,  bio-membranes and polymers, and others.  Some experience with 
neutron and/or x-ray scattering techniques is desirable, but not 
essential.  The Ames Laboratory/Iowa State University neutron scattering 
group is utilizing U.S. and European neutron scattering facilities for its 
research and is operating the Ames Laboratory triple-axis spectrometer 
HB1-A at the High Flux Isotope reactor (HFIR) of the Oak Ridge National 
Laboratory (ORNL).   The group regularly uses the APS 6-ID sector in the 
Advanced Photon Source for a variety of X-ray investigations of soft 
condensed matter.  Persons belonging to minority groups and women are 
especially encouraged to apply.

Please send your résumé and contact information for two or three persons, 
who may provide recommendation letters for you, to Dr. David Vaknin A510 
Physics, Iowa State University, Ames, 
IA  50011.  Phone:  515-294-6023  E-mail:  vaknin at ameslab.gov.

David Vaknin                    Tel:  515-294-6023
A500 Physics Bldg               Fax: 515-294-0689
Iowa State University           e-mail: vaknin at ameslab.gov
Ames, IA 50011          www.reflec.ameslab.gov
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