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Summer School on Neutron Scattering

NRC Chalk River, Canada 


This year the National Research Council at Chalk River will run the 8th
Canadian summer school on neutron scattering techniques and applications.
The school will last from June 20th to 25th 2004. The format will be:
morning lectures, afternoon experiments on the spectrometers at the NRU
reactor, and a series of public lectures in the evenings. 


The summer school aims to cover the breadth of neutron scattering techniques
using thermal neutrons. Planned experiments include: magnetic neutron
scattering, powder diffraction, stress measurement, reflectometry and
diffraction on biologically relevant material.   


For more information and registration see our web site:



Alastair McIvor

Scientific Communications Officer
National Research Council
Neutron Program for Materials Research
http://neutron.nrc.gc.ca/ <http://neutron.nrc.gc.ca/> 

tel (613) 584 3311 x6274
fax (613) 584 4040 

Building 459
Chalk River Laboratories
Chalk River
K0J 1J0

Cette information est disponible en français sur demande. Contacter :
<mailto:alastair.mcivor at cnrc.gc.ca> alastair.mcivor at cnrc.gc.ca ou appeler au
numéro sans frais : 1 (888) 243-2634. pour toute information générale en
anglais et en français sur le programme neutronique pour la recherche sur
les matériaux du CNRC, veuillez consulter le site web

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