[Neutron] Workshop Inelastic Neutron Reflectometry

Thomas Gutberlet thomas.gutberlet at psi.ch
Mon Mar 8 16:32:08 CST 2004

Dear colleagues,

we like to announce an international workshop on "Probing Dynamics 
at Interfaces - Options for Inelastic Neutron Reflectometry" to be held 
July 4.-6. 2004 at Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland.

The workshop is dedicated to the analysis of dynamic phenomena by 
neutrons in various fields such as magnetic multilayers, polymer 
layers, biomembranes, solid-liquid interfaces and any interface related 
system. The workshop will discuss relevant instrument possibilities 
and experimental options and complemntary technqiues available.
It is open to any scientist interested to participate. More detailed 
information are available at the workshop webpage


Kind regards
Thomas Gutberlet
Stefan Janssen
Joel Mesot


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