[Neutron] Neutrons and Energy for the Future Workshop

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Neutrons and Energy for the Future

Washington, D.C., June 4-5, 2004


Significant challenges are ahead to identify reliable and economic
sources of energy in the United States and throughout the world that can
be produced in the needed quantity without increasing pollution. It is
expected that basic research will make an important contribution by
providing understanding that will both expand the available options in
technological approaches and identify new concepts. Neutrons offer
unique opportunities to achieve the needed understanding of materials
structures and properties. Broadening knowledge among researchers and
policy makers of these opportunities is important and needs to be
timely. Several recent reports have identified the specific directions
for research on "clean energy." This workshop will use the targeted
areas and focus on the particularly high-payoff research opportunities
for using neutrons as tools.

This workshop is organized by the University of Tennessee (UT)/Oak Ridge
National Laboratory (ORNL) Joint Institute for Neutron Sciences (JINS)
and NMI3, also known as the Neutron Scattering and Muon Spectroscopy
Integrated Infrastructure Initiatives. NMI3 is a European Union
Framework 6 Program and has absorbed as one of its components the
European Union's Neutron Roundtable.  Workshop sponsors include National
Science Foundation, Chemistry Division; Oak Ridge Associated
Universities; Oak Ridge National Laboratory/Spallation Neutron Source;
and the University of Tennessee.

This workshop is a satellite event of the 2nd American Conference on
Neutron Scattering.  For additional workshop information, including
registration, scholarship, location, lodging, and draft program, please
visit the workshop website at http://www.sns.gov/jins/nmi3/, or contact
Al Ekkebus, ekkebusae at sns.gov, (865) 241-5644.



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