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Michel Schlenker schlenk at grenoble.cnrs.fr
Tue Mar 30 15:59:03 CST 2004

Dear Neutron Scientist,
	Dr Robert Shull, the scientist among the three sons of the 
late Nobel Laureate for neutron scattering Prof. Clifford G. Shull, 
asked me to spread in the neutron scattering community the 
announcement below.
	I am sure it will be most valuable if we manage to keep it in 
mind until the papers are scanned and available to the scientific 
community at large.
	Best regards

Michel Schlenker
Laboratoire Louis Neel du CNRS, B.P. 166,
F-38042 Grenoble, France
schlenk at grenoble.cnrs.fr


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>Hi Michel,
>Thought you might be interested in these News Releases which were 
>just sent out by Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) regarding my Dad's 
>Papers.  Please pass on this information to the rest of the Neutron 
>Scattering Community so they will know they can look at these items 
>on the web within a couple years, as CMU is digitizing them all. 
>Hope all is going well.


>Best Regards,

>I neglected to mention: Your dad's picture and the press release are 
>featured on the Mellon College of Science front door, at 
><http://www.cmu.edu/mcs/>. Later today, I'll add the same picture to 
>the library web page items.
>>The university has received the papers of Nobel Laureate Clifford Glenwood
>>Shull (S'37) as a gift from the Shull family. In 1994 Shull and Canadian
>>physicist Bertram N. Brockhouse received the Nobel Prize in Physics for
>>their individual work with neutron-scattering techniques. Shull died in
>>March 2001. "The scientific papers of Clifford Shull are a real treasure to
>>have at Carnegie Mellon. Even a brief look at part of the collection gives
>>one an appreciation of the combination of careful, intensive work and
>>clearly stated insights that are essential components of Shull's Nobel
>>Prize-winning research," said Fred Gilman, professor and head of the
>>department of physics. --Further information:
>>Cindy Carroll
>>412-268-2793 fax
>>412-638-4463 cell
>>stell at cmu.edu
>>Communications coordinator
>>Carnegie Mellon University Libraries, http://www.library.cmu.edu
>Dr. R.D. Shull            TEL: 301-9756035
>NIST                           EMAIL: shull at nist.gov
>100 Bureau Drive, Stop 8552
>Gaithersburg, MD  20899-8552       FAX NUMBER: 301-9754553
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