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Eddy Lelièvre-Berna lelievre at ill.fr
Sat May 8 17:21:25 CDT 2004

Post-doctoral research associate position at ILL

The Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) is an international fundamental 
research institute funded by France, Germany and the United Kingdom. 
Agreements on scientific collaboration have also been signed with 
Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Russia, Spain and Switzerland. The 
Institute operates the most powerful source of neutrons in the world 
which forms the basis for a programme of research covering a wide 
variety of fields, supplying neutrons to a broad range of instruments 
which are available to scientists from the member countries.

ILL currently has an opening for a Research Associate in its 3He 
Neutron Spin Filter (NSF) group. The post represents an excellent 
opportunity for a young postdoctoral scientist to develop his/her 
expertise, broaden his/her experience and interact with leading 
scientists from around the world. Contractual exchange within the frame 
of the NMI3 - NSF Joint Research Activity (NSF-JRA) will further 
facilitate exchange with alternative projects and techniques like Spin 
Exchange Optical Pumping.

In the last decade, the development of very practical and powerful 
lasers has allowed high spin polarisation of the 3He gas to be 
routinely achieved through optical pumping. In parallel, the 
development of polarisation-preserving compressors, appropriate glass 
containers and magneto-static cavities has allowed pioneering use of 
gaseous Neutron Spin Filters at appropriate pressure on various 
selected neutron spectrometers in Europe. This programme now underpins 
various ambitious spin resolved neutron experiments/instruments.

The successful candidate will be a highly motivated scientist with a 
PhD in Physics and a solid background in IR optical pumping. He/she 
will be expected to further develop and improve TYREX, our world-class 
MEOP 3He polariser, as well as to monitor closely the progress made 
elsewhere with alternative techniques (polarisation preserving 
compressors, spin-exchange optical pumping). He/she will act in close 
collaboration with neutron scattering scientists interested in many 
aspects of polarimetric neutron scattering science, at the cutting-edge 
of nano-science, magnetism, superconductivity, nuclear and fundamental 

The successful candidate will be offered a fixed-term 18-month contract 
(6 to 18 months extension conceivable) funded mainly by the EU Sixth 
Framework Programme (FP6).

Further information on the NSF-JRA is available from the EU-Neutron 
portal at http://www.neutron-eu.net/jra/. General information on ILL 
instrumentation and neutron-science programme can be seen at 
http://www.ill.fr/ or by contacting the NSF-JRA co-ordinator Dr. E. 
Lelièvre-Berna (+33/0 476207748 - lelievre at ill.fr) and the Head of the 
Neutron Optics Group Dr. K. Andersen (+33/0 476207137 – 
andersen at ill.fr). An application with curriculum vitae, a list of 
publications and the names of two academic referees should be sent, 
quoting reference 04/21, no later than 30.06.2004 to:

Dr. E. Lelièvre-Berna - <mailto:lelievre at ill.fr>
NMI3/NSF-JRA Co-ordinator - <http://www.neutron-eu.net/jra/>
BP 156 - 38042 Grenoble Cedex 9 - France

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