[Neutron] **2nd Announcement** Gaseous Neutron Detector Workshop 10-11 June 2004

Paul Sokol paul at sokol.phys.psu.edu
Mon May 10 09:38:35 CDT 2004

2nd Announcement
Gaseous Neutron Detector Workshop
Gaseous Detectors for Neutron Scattering Instruments
June 10 and 11, 2004
Penn State University
University Park, PA 16802

This is the second announcement for the Gaseous Neutron Detector
Workshop. The primary focus of this workshop is to evaluate recent
advances in gaseous detector technology for use in the Cold Neutron
Chopper Spectrometer (CNCS), a time-of-flight inelastic neutron
scattering instrument for condensed matter, materials science and
biological research. 

The CNCS will be located at the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) which is
currently under construction. The SNS (http://www.sns.gov), when fully
operational, will be the most intense pulsed neutron source in the
world. The CNCS is being designed to multiply this flux advantage by
utilizing a large area (~ 100 square meters) detector bank. Further
information on the CNCS may be found at http://sokol.phys.psu.edu/CNCS.
New instruments, such as the CNCS and others planned for both the SNS
and other sources, have common detector requirements. These include
large area coverage >20 m2, course position resolution ~(2.54 cm)2, high
timing accuracy and high count rate capability. These requirements,
particularly in terms of area and count rate, are straining the current
technology for such detectors. In particular, the escalating costs of
large detector banks with current technologies, is becoming a limiting
factor in instrument performance.

The workshop will explore alternatives to the commercially available 3He
proportional tubes that are used in nearly all existing and planned
instruments. Such alternatives include detector designs (i.e. longer
tubes to lower cost), new packaging techniques (multi-tube detectors),
application of existing technologies to fit the requirements of CNCS
(wire chamber arrays) and new detector technologies (Gas Electron
Multipliers). In addition we wish to explore different manufacturing
techniques (lab and university based construction) that could result in
more cost effective detectors. 

The workshop will consist of invited talks and contributed
presentations. Open sessions to discuss the merits of various
technologies will be an integral part of the workshop. Confirmed
speakers include:
	*	Alex Barzilov (Penn State University)
	*	Ron Cooper (Spallation Neutron Source)
	*	Bruno Guerard (Institut Laue-Langevin)
	*	Nathan Johnson (General Electric Power Systems /
	*	Menhard Kocsis (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility)
	*	Ruep Lechner (HMI-Berlin)
	*	Rick Riedel (Spallation Neutron Source)
	*	Christian Schmidt (University of Heidelberg)
	*	Keith Solberg (Indiana University)
	*	Hiroyuki Takahashi (University of Tokyo)
	*	Jerry Va'vra (Stanford University)
	*	Thomas Wilpert (HMI-Berlin)

The workshop will be held at the Pennsylvania State University on June
10th and 11th of 2004. The meeting will take place immediately following
the second ACNS meeting in College Park, MD. 

Further details on the meeting are available at

The early registration deadline has been moved to May 11. 
A limited amount of travel support for participants is available; please
contact the local organizing committee if you are interested.

Contact: Niki Lynn Page (page at sokol.phys.psu.edu) or Alex Barzilov
(apb10 at psu.edu).

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