[Neutron] Instrument Scientist Triple-Axis-Spectrometer

Karen Diederichsen diederichsen at hmi.de
Mon Jun 28 13:47:11 CDT 2004

The Hahn-Meitner-Institut invites applications for the position 
of an instrument scientist in the area of neutron scattering. The 
candidate will be the responsible scientist for a cold neutron 
triple-axis instrument at the Berlin Neutron Scattering Center 

The Hahn-Meitner-Institut is a German National Laboratory 
and a member of the Hermann von Helmholtz Association of 
National Research Centres and has about 850 employees. It 
hosts the Berlin Neutron Scattering Center (BENSC)
({ HYPERLINK "http://www.hmi.de/bensc/)" }http://www.hmi.de/bensc/), a user facility open to scientists 
from all over the world. To probe the structure and dynamics 
of solids and liquids, BENSC provides the national and 
international research community with state-of-the-art neutron 
scattering equipment and expertise. The successful candidate 
will develop neutron scattering instrumentation and techniques, 
will support BENSC users, in particular in studies of 
condensed matter and will perform his own research program 
in the field of inelastic neutron scattering. 

                         Physicist, Chemist
   This tenure track position is available as of 1 January 2005, 
     the details of the contract will depend on qualification, 
                previous experience and job history.
The position is open to confirmed scientists who hold a PhD in 
experimental physics, material science or chemistry. The 
successful candidate will be responsible for the operation, 
maintenance, continuous enhancement and modernisation of a 
state-of-the-art cold neutron triple-axis spectrometer with 
Neutron Spin Echo option at HMI, including scientific and 
technical responsibility for carrying out the user program on 
this instrument. 

A broad knowledge in condensed matter physics will be 
required as well as experience in neutron scattering instrument 
development and operation.

For further details about the post please contact Prof. Dr. F. 
Mezei (+49(30)8062-2031, e-mail: mezei at hmi.de). 
Applicants should send a letter of application, CV and a list of 
publications to Hahn-Meitner-Institut, Abteilung Personal und 
Soziales, Glienicker Str. 100, D-14109 Berlin) before 31 July 
2004 quoting reference No. SF2004/11.

K. Diederichsen
Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin
Glienicker Str. 100
D-14109 Berlin
Tel.: +49(30)8062 2031
Fax.: +49(30)8062 2523

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