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LANSCE Job Openings
LANSCE produces intense sources of pulsed spallation neutrons, which 
provide the United States scientific community with the capability to 
perform experiments that support national security and civilian research. 
LANSCE comprises a high-power 800-million-electron-volt proton linear 
accelerator (linac), a Proton Storage Ring, production targets to the 
Manuel Lujan Jr. Neutron Scattering Center, the Weapons Neutron Research 
facility, the Proton Radiography facility, the Isotope Production Facility, 
and a variety of associated experiment areas and spectrometers

LANSCE Division is undertaking an administrative reorganization in an 
effort to conduct world-class science with a focus on achieving high impact 
for the U.S. national defense mission, deliver world-class performance at 
the LANSCE user facility, and attract world-class staff and provide 
excellent career path opportunities.  This reorganization will help LANSCE 
to optimize efficiency and improve cost effectiveness, align our 
capabilities with near and long-term visions, improve integration between 
skill sets and improve operational fiscal, program and project management.

The first phase of this reorganization has taken place with the posting of 
six new Group Leader job ads at LANSCE.  These Group Leader ads are now 
posted on the LANL Job's 
page.  (http://www.hr.lanl.gov/jps/regjobsearch.stm).  These new Group 
Leader roles can be reviewed by search specifically for LANSCE postings or 
you can access the job ads using the following job posting numbers and/or 

207812 - The Accelerator, Beam and Spallation (ABS) Physics Group Leader 

207813 - The Mechanical Design and Engineering (MDE) Group Leader 

207814 - The Nuclear Science (NS) Group Leader 

207815 - The Accelerator and Nuclear Operations (OPS) Group Leader 

207816 - The Radiofrequency Systems and Electrical Engineering (RFE) Group 

207817 - The Technical Mission Support (TMS) Group Leader 

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