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Patrick Gallagher patrick.gallagher at nist.gov
Wed Aug 11 14:02:00 CDT 2004

Dr. Nicholas Stephen Rosov  


It is with feelings of profound sadness that we must inform you that our
friend and colleague, Nick Rosov, died August 8 due to recently diagnosed
brain tumors.  Nick has been a part of the NCNR since 1990, first as a
post-doc at the University of Maryland, and then since 1992 as a scientific
staff member responsible for leading the development of the NCNR's spin echo


Nick was born in Brooklyn, NY on Dec 26, 1959.  He received his physics
B.Sc. degree with honors from Dalhousie University in 1981.  After obtaining
a M. Sc. in 1984, he moved to Clark University.  There he was awarded a Ph.
D. degree for his thesis entitled "Static and Dynamic Critical Behavior of
the Random Exchange Ising Model:  The Case of Fe0.9Zn0.1F2" which he
completed under the guidance of Prof. Christoph Hohenemser.  He began his
neutron scattering career upon his arrival at the University of Maryland
working with Prof. Jeff Lynn.  While there Nick performed neutron
diffraction studies, many utilizing polarized beams, on magnetic ordering in
a variety of perovskite-based cuprate systems including NdBa2Cu2NbO8,
PrBa2Cu2NbO8 and the related BaPrO3, and spin wave excitations in Invar type
ferromagnets.  When the decision was made to pursue the development of a
spin echo spectrometer at the NCNR, Nick was chosen to lead its development.
The instrument was commissioned in 2001 and Nick diligently worked to build
a North American user community.  His efforts resulted in more than 40 users
performing experiments in the last year.  These scientists invariable saw
Nick not merely as their local contact, but as their friend.  


Nick was known for his warm and gentle nature, his keen intellect and
natural curiosity, his intense love of his family, and his dedication to his
church.  He leaves behind his wife Alicia and their two children, Nathaniel,
6, and Stephen, 2.  He will be very sorely missed by all of his co-workers
at the NCNR as well as his many colleagues and visiting researchers he
worked with through the years.


Pat Gallagher

Dan Neumann

Jeff Lynn





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