[Neutron] Put a neutron scatterer on the APS-DCMP executive committee: http://dcmp.bc.edu/vote.php

Collin Broholm Collin.Broholm at jhu.edu
Tue Aug 17 08:45:23 CDT 2004

Hi All, 


I am standing for election as a member at large of the American Physical
Society Division of Condensed Matter Physics executive committee. This
committee mainly helps to organize the March meeting but it also assists
with other APS activities such as public outreach, prizes, and fellowships. 


I would like to help with this work and I think it is important that there
is a neutron scatterer on the committee in this exciting period of new
instruments and sources. I would therefore greatly appreciate your vote and


To cast your vote (if you have not done so already) go to
http://dcmp.bc.edu/vote.php . You will need your APS membership number which
is on your copy of Physics Today.



Collin Broholm




Professor Collin Broholm

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Johns Hopkins University

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email broholm at jhu.edu

web http://www.pha.jhu.edu/people/faculty/broholm.html

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