[Neutron] Call for Neutron Beamtime Applications at the Bragg Institute, Sy dney, Australia

ROBINSON, Robert rro at ansto.gov.au
Wed Sep 1 18:22:08 CDT 2004

Call for Neutron Beamtime Applications for period January - June 2005
You are invited to apply for neutron beamtime on the Bragg Institute neutron scattering instruments at ANSTO, in Sydney, Australia.

The deadline for beamtime applications is September 22, 2004

More information is available on http://www.ansto.gov.au/ansto/bragg/hifar/beam_app.html 
And the application form is available online at:  http://www.ansto.gov.au/ansto/bragg/hifar/ansto_beam_application.doc
This application is for beamtime ONLY and does not include travel or accommodation support.

Instruments being offered in the call are:

High Resolution Powder Diffractometer (HRPD) 
Long Wavelength Polarization Analysis Spectrometer (Longpol) 
Medium Resolution Powder Diffractometer (MRPD) 
Single Crystal Diffractometer (2TANA) 
Small Angle Neutron Scattering (AUSANS) 
Strain Scanner 

The application form is a microsoft word form. This form should be completed with the Hide/Show button turned off as sections that are not relevant are hidden. When printing "Print Hidden Text" box should not be enabled. 

Download the ANSTO neutron beamtime application form here
If you wish to perform experiments on multiple instruments please submit an application for each instrument. 

When completed, this form should be renamed to Proposer_Surname_Instrument.doc (eg Schulz_MRPD.doc) and submitted electronically by emailing to jys at ansto.gov.au by COB on the 22nd September 2004.

Any problems with the form should be reported jys at ansto.gov.au.

Robert A. Robinson
Director, The Bragg Institute, Building 58
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Menai                     tel: +61-(2)-9717-9204
NSW 2234             FAX: +61-(2)-9717-3606
AUSTRALIA         e-mail: rro at ansto.gov.au
Web sites: 
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